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ShareScan: HP Devices are not correctly scanning A3/A4 pages using Mixed Originals input size

Article # 3016826 - Page views: 231

Problem Statement:

Using ShareScan and when setting up with HP devices to scan Mixed Originals and using A3/A4 pages in the same batch the edges of the page are cut off.


The Mixed Originals means different size originals in a batch (such as A3 and A4 or Legal and Letter pages).

When the embedded client was originally developed by Nuance, the HP OXPd SDK did not support A3/A4 size of pages.  ShareScan reads out the scanner capabilities from the OXPd SDK, which does not provide A3, A5, A6, etc.

HP have recently released an updated OXPd SDK which should resolve this issue.  Nuance Product Management have classified this as a new feature, and will look to add this functionality in a future, unspecified version of the embedded client.


It is recommended:

- to not to scan A3/A4 pages in the same batch. Use a different connector profile to scan each size separately.

- to choose A3 as an input page then the pages will not be cut off in the edges.

- scan with the device native interface into a shared folder and use the ShareScan Folder Watcher option to process the files.