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ShareScan: SSO with PCC 4 and eCopy may not work properly when more than 1 DCE is configured

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Problem Statement:

Sometimes eCopy ShareScan Single Sign On (SSO) logon with Equitrac PCC 4 does not work.  When this happens, the eCopy client shows a logon screen or display an error instead of logging in using the user's credentials already supplied in PCC 4.  PCC 4 allows up to 4 DCEs to be defined.  In this particular case more than one DCE is defined in the PCC configuration. 


This particular behavior may occur when PCC 4 is configured to use DCE failover. With this configuration, in the event PCC is not able to reach its primary DCE, it will automatically attempt to connect to an alternate DCE server. This will allow PCC to continue operating normally.

When PCC fails over, the alternate DCE is not aware of the cost recovery integration and as a result fails to notify ShareScan of the SSO login session.

This behavior is a limitation and occurs because the Equitrac and ShareScan products have taken different approaches to implementing High Availability (HA). The PCC embedded client is designed to fail over to secondary DCE servers on failure, while the ShareScan system provides HA only through clustering. These two HA methods cannot be reconciled at this time.


Define only one DCE in PCC, when using Single Sign On (SSO) with Cost Recovery integration (or Authentication Extender) with eCopy ShareScan.