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ShareScan - Embedded for Canon MEAP - troubleshooting

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Troubleshooting issues with ShareScan Embedded for Canon MEAP clients.

Review .


If this issue persists with the latest Canon client, please ensure that the following is captured:

  1. Advise all additional MEAP applications installed on the device and their versions
  2. Advise any authentication applications in use such as Equitrac or Uniflow and the server version.
  3. Advise whether device IDs are in use on the MFP
  4. Provide device models, firmware versions, MEAP contents versions etc.
  5. Detail any symptoms or noted trends as to when this is occurring.
  6. Advise whether there is a USB card reader implemented. Provide make and model. Additionally, provide screenshot of USB settings.
  7. Advise whether there is a USB keyboard implemented. Provide make, model and driver used. Additionally, provide screenshot of USB settings.
  8. Confirm the issue is not caused by a network related issue such as; Fiery /Firewall/ router/ switch etc blocking network traffic, Faulty NIC / Ethernet cable, Brown outs or surges on the network, etc
  9. Confirm if the issue occurs when selecting the back button:
    • Advise whether SQL is LocalDB, SQL Express, or SQL Server. For LocalDB customers .
    • Advise whether any document services are enabled. If so, review .


When collecting tracing, be sure to capture tracelogs as soon as possible after the issue has occurred. All traces should be from the same time period showing the same occurrence of the issue.

  1.  (once per server)
  2. ShareScan Troubleshooter Tool  (once per server)
  3. Enable the ShareScan Verbose Tracing
  4. Enable Device
  5. Enable  capturing (contact Canon Reseller for assistance)
  6. Enable wireshark Tracing
  7. Windows Event Viewer exports for System and Application. These should be in .evt or .evtx format.