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ShareScan - Scan to desktop shows a 7 or more second delay before rendering the preview form

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Problem Statement:

After selecting the Scan to Desktop connector, users experience a long delay (7 or more seconds) before scanning begins.


By default, ShareScan supports multi-forest Active Directory environments.  This requires authentication of a user against the AD Global Catalog Servers for each domain.  In certain customer environments, this additional querying delays the scan operation.  If the customer does not require multi-forest AD support, this can be disabled using the instructions below, by using the "old" AD Operations.


The following XML change will make the Scan To Desktop connector query AD more quickly (explained below).

  1. Close ShareScan Administration Console
  2. Stop ShareScan Manager and Agent services.
  3. Open "C:\ProgramData\Nuance\ShareScan\Connectors\ScanToDesktop\Data\ScanToDesktopStore.xml" in a text editor.
  4. Look for:



  1. Change the boolean value to "true", it should look like this:



  1. Save the xml file.
  2. Start the ShareScan Agent and Manager services.
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