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ShareScan 5.4 SP1 (and 6.1): Creating Excel files results in misformatted pages

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When using a connector in ShareScan 5.4 SP1 (and 6.1), and saving as file type Excel, the resulting file has a misformatted second page and beyond.


This issue has been resolved with the following hotfix:

ShareScan 5.4 SP 1 Hotfix 4301 (SS54SP1_HF4301)

To obtain this hotfix, please open a support ticket with Technical Support.

Please go through the following steps:

Please note that the solution requires Database Lookup Exender license. If DLE is not present at the licenses you can not use the solution.

The Actual Issue Addressed:                 ShareScan does not always detect layout of spreadsheet documents correctly with the default settings.                  The result is that if the File Format Option is Excel (.xls or .xlsx), then the output document may be incorrect.                  Typically only a part of the spreadsheet appears on Sheet1 and the rest of the document,                  not detected as part of the spreadsheet, is placed on a second sheet called "Overview" A Generic Problem is Also Addressed with this Hotfix:                     The purpose of this hotfix is also to introduce    the possibility of specifying a setting (.sts) file to be used                 with a given connector profile. This can be done via a Database Lookup Extender (DLE) profile.                 This enhancement allows us to fine tune the document creation behavior in cases where the default settings do not yield optimal results.                 If a particular issue can be resolved by using such a settings file, support will receive it from development                 and can provide it for the customer.                  Solution:                 Two settings files are provided with this hotfix. Both of them creates correct Excel output, the difference is in the formatting                 of the output document. The customer can decide which one is optimal for them.                                  In order to use a setting file with a connector profile, follow the steps below:                                  1. Copy the setting file to the "\Server\CSDK\Settings" folder                 2. Create a DLE profile as follows:                                2.1 Start from the default and save it to a new name. We recommend to give it a name that refers to the issue that the settings file is fixing.                                2.2 Click "New" on the "Lookup settings" tab. The "Lookup editor" is displayed.                                2.3 Type "OutputCreationSettingsFile" in the "Lookup results key" text box.                                2.4 Select "Expression" as "Lookup type"                                2.5 Select "Always evaulated" as "Lookup evaluation condition"                                2.5 In the text box below the "Expression templates" dropdown, type the settings file name. The file with the name must exist in the "CSDK\Settings" folder. Below is an example:                                                @"DocumentLayoutSpreadsheetFormatted.sts"                                2.6 Select "Multiple values or not required" as "Lookup behavior"                                2.7 Check (turn on) the "Preserve value" checkbox and uncheck the "Always evaulated", "Visible" and "User modify" checkboxes.                                2.8 Perform "Test", then close the "Lookup editor" with "OK"                                2.9 Go to the "Settings" tab and uncheck the "Show validation screens" checkbox.                                2.10 Save the DLE profile.                 3. Assign the DLE profile to a connector profile to be used with the settings file.    The settings can be apply for ShareScan v6.1 as well. No need to install any HotFix or Service Pack The CSDK settings folder at v6.1 is different : C:\ProgramData\Nuance\ShareScan\System\Data\CSDKSettings