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ShareScan 5 and 6: How to export verbose trace files

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How to export verbose trace files with ShareScan 5.2 and newer, including ShareScan 6.4


  1. Click on Tracing on the Services tab.  Ensure the "Configured", "Verbose" and "RSD" (if using ScanStation) are checked. 
  2. Delete Trace Files
  3. Save
  4. Reproduce issue
  5. Export logs

Before you press the Export button check the following settings:

  • !!! Do NOT click on Process Dumps only when it is requested by Support !!!
  • Device IPaddreses at Devices window.  Check the devices where the issue occurs. This is the device log. Multiple devices can be selected.


Please do not include Process Dumps to the export. These files are required on request.

  • Attach the exported .zip file to the Ticket
  • If the Zip file is bigger than 20MB please upload to a place where Support can download it

After reproducing the issue, turn off the "Verbose" option then click Save.



eCopy ShareScan Verbose trace Export SSv5.2-SSv6.x v2.1.pdf