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ShareScan 6.0 - Rotation issues with specific KM A4 devices

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Problem Statement:

Some specific KonicaMinolta A4 devices have rotation issues.


bizhub C3350

bizhub C3850

bizhub C3850FS

bizhub 4050

bizhub 4750

bizhub C3351

bizhub C3851

bizhub C3851FS


Please apply the attached RotationAngles.xml file with the following instructions.

-Exit from ShareScan Administration Console

-Stop ShareScan Agent and Manager services at Service Management Console

-Browse location C:\Program Files (x86)\Nuance\ShareScan6.0\Server\System

-Rename original RotationAngles.xml file to RotationAngles.xml.old

-Place the new RotationAngeles.xml to the same location

-Start ShareScan Manager and Agent services at Service Management Console



RotationAngles.xml (284 KB)