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ShareScan 6.1 - ShareScan Manager error when running the highlight ad redact extender

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Problem:  If one attempts to run a connector that has a Highlight and Redact extender profile attached to it and "Connection Error" message will be displayed.  It will be of the form:  "This device [IP Address of device] cannot communicate with the ShareScan Manager [IP Address of the ShareScan Manager].  Open the Administration Console and verify that the ShareScan Manager is running or contact your administrator."

Resolution:  Download the attached RedactHighlightServiceGlossary.xml file to the problematic machine.  Place the file in the "C:\ProgramData\Nuance\ShareScan\Connectors\RedactHighlightService\Data" folder. Restart the services and test.



RedactHighlightServiceGlossary.xml (7 KB)

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