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ShareScan Administration Console "Failed to connect to the Client"

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The following error appears when starting ShareScan Administration Console.  The error message may be hidden by the ShareScan logo, so it may look like the AdminConsole never starts.  Check the Task bar to see if an error message is present together with the ShareScan Admin Console.

Clicking "OK" will dismiss the error and the Administration Console starts normally.

Error Message:

An error occurred while communicating with the Client. : ( -- Failed to connect to the Client. : (

Error Occurred in Admin Console

System.Exception: An error occurred while communicating with the Client: ( --

Failed to connect to the Client. : ( --> System Exception: Failed to connect to the Client. : (

 at ShareScanAdminConsole. AdminconsoleForm.updateClientConfig(eCopyDeviceEx Device, Booean updateXml, Int32 managerPort, String& responseXML, Boolean DeviceDelection)

 -- End of innter exception stack trace --

InnerException Level: 1


Failed to connect to the Client: (



This can be caused by the ShareScan Simulator not starting correctly.

Possible Cause:

One known cause is having multiple networks adapters on a PC, and using DHCP addressing.

There may be more than one cause for the Simulator to not start properly. 

Possible Resolution:

Confirm there is only one active Network adapter on the workstation and it is configured with a static IP address.


If using a solution which does not require Apache Tomcat, a workaround is to .