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ShareScan Connector / Extender (imanage worksite, EMC Documentum, Sharepoint, OpenText eDocs, Rightfax, Quick Connect, Cost Recovery) install

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The following connectors are available for ShareScan:

  • Imanage Worksite
  • EMC Documentum
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • OpenText Document Management eDOCS Edition (eDOCS DM)
  • OpenText Fax Server Rightfax
  • QuickConnect*
  • Cost Recovery Extender*

For ShareScan versions 6.x and 5.x:

These connectors are enabled after adding a ShareScan Connector license to the administration console. After adding a Connector license, the connectors should automatically appear in the Connector tab of the administration console for configuration. If these connectors fail to appear, right-click in the Connector tab and select "refresh connectors".

These connectors are either a selectable option available on the Registration site or are a separately purchased Connector Access License. Details regarding working with  and  are available.

NFR & Evaluation device license keys unlock these features automatically.

What is included in a ShareScan Purchase?

ShareScan Suite purchases:

  • Suite purchases allow the selection of 3 optional connectors and extenders.
  • All of the above connectors with the exceptions of Quick Connect and Cost Recovery are available as options.
  • Quick Connect and Cost Recovery are included with Suite purchases.

ShareScan Office purchases:

  • Office purchases allow the selection of 1 optional connector or extender.
  • All of the above connectors and extenders are available as options.

ShareScan Elements purchases:

  • Elements purchases include core connectors and extenders only.
  • All of the above connectors and extenders are available as a separate purchase.

Nuance Internal - Historical Information.  4.3.5 can no longer be purchased.