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ShareScan client for Canon MEAP: FILE NOTFOUND ERR

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When using ShareScan client for Canon MEAP, the following error appears. 

"No error text was resolved for IMF_OPEN_ERR, lastErrorRC: FILE_NOTFOUND_ERR, errTextRC: REC_OK, supplemental text:

C:\ProgramData\NUANCE\ShareScan\ScannedFiles\Dalumet B&O / Mister Rogers\eCpyincoming_99495766....."


The copier host name in this case is "Dalumet B&O / Mister Rogers".  The host name contains invalid character, in this example a forward slash ('/').  This results in an invalid file path.


Change the copier hostname to a valid name that does not contain disallowed special characters.


Article # 3016613