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ShareScan webclient SSL certificate information

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How to check the ShareScan webclient SSL certificate when troubleshooting connection issues with webclient devices. This is used to determine the SSL certificate validity for the ShareScan server's Apache Webclient component.

  1. Open a web browser and go to
    • Ensure that the URL starts with https and not http
    • Ensure that the URL uses and NOT the IP address of the server when verifying on the ShareScan Administration Console PC. Note: If this is being reviewed from a different PC the IP address of the ShareScan Administration Console PC must be used to verify the server.
    • This URL is case sensitive. Ensure that the URL has capitilized S's in ShareScan and a capitalized I in Intro.html.
  2. A prompt indicating a problem with the website's security certificate may appear. Click on "Continue to this website".
  3. The ShareScan webclient simulator interface should appear.
  4. If an error message is encountered, take a screenshot of the error then regenerate the SSL certificate.