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Temporary files not being deleted

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Problem Statement:

Temporary files are not removed from the C:\Users\All Users\Nuance\ShareScan\ScannedFiles directory or other specified Temporary Scanned Files directory. Files reside in subfolders that contain "_DT" in the name. This issue most frequently occurs after an upgrade or import of ShareScan Profiles.


Document Tracking may be enabled at the Connector level however, the Document Tracking service is not configured or intended to be enabled. The Document Tracking checkbox in the connector settings pane will be checked but grayed out.


  1. Create a temporary Windows shared folder on the local machine.  Assign read/write permissions to everyone.
  2. Open ShareScan Administration and select the Services tab in the lower left hand corner.
  3. Click on Document Tracking.
  4. Enable Document Tracking and place the UNC path in the "Folder location" box. 
  5. Save the profile.
  6. Each connector profile should now be editable.  Open each profile and disable Document Tracking. Save each connector profile.
  7. Remove the UNC path from Document Tracking, disable, and save.
  8. Delete the Windows share.


ShareScan 5.2: Ensure Service Pack 2 is installed. Request Hotfix 3009 from your service provider and install.

ShareScan 5.1: Ensure Service Pack 1 is installed. Request Hotfix 1101 from your service provider and install. (NOTE: Hotfix 1097 was created for this issue. Due to a hotfix database patcher conflict impacting some customers, hotfix 1101 is recommended in lieu of hotfix 1097)

ShareScan version 5.0: Use the workaround provided in this article or upgrade to a more recent software version and follow appropriate recommendations.