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Troubleshooter Tool: How to export the Full Check report (CheckResult.xml)

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Troubleshooter Tool: How to export the Full Check report (CheckResult.xml)

How to retrieve:

  1. Run the ShareScan Troubleshooter, either from the Start Menu, or from the Server\Tools folder. 
  2. (i.e. C:\Program Files (x86)\Nuance\ShareScan5.1\Server\Tools)

  3. Ensure the drop down menu indicates "Full Check" then Click the "Start check" button
  4. Wait until the message "Check finished." appears.
  5. Click "Check result" -> "Save Result".
  6. Choose a file name (or use the default "CheckResult.xml") and click Save

In ShareScan 5.2, there is a check box to collect this together with the Trace Logs.