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Unable to open ShareScan Administration Console when Xerox Mobile Print DCE Service is installed

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Opening the ShareScan Administration Console results in the following error dialog.

Failed to connect - :9601.

Make sure the ShareScan Agent service is running, and then try again.


The ShareScan Agent has not opened port 9601 that is required for connections from the ShareScan Manager service and the Admin Console. There are numerous possible causes for this.

  1. The ShareScan Agent service is not in a Started/Running state.
  2. There is a port conflict on the machine and another service is already listening on port 9601. 
  3. The ShareScan Agent process is running, but not yet ready to receive inbound connections. Check the Event Viewer Application log to verify the ShareScan Agent process has sent the Information event "ShareScanAgent started and waiting for connections..."
  4. The ShareScan Agent process is running but was unable to listen on other required ports. The following error or similar errors may appear in the Event Viewer: "System.ServiceModel.AddressAlreadyInUseException: There is already a listener on IP endpoint"

The Xerox Mobile Print DCE Service has been observed using port 8802 and will cause a conflict with ShareScan Agent. It is highly recommended that ShareScan be installed on its own server.