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Unable to to add a Canon MFP with a Fiery controller to ShareScan

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Problem Statement:

When trying to add the Canon MFP with EFI Fiery to ShareScan, the following error appears:

Failed to retrieve configuration data for . Could not locate eCopy client.

Cause: The Canon MFP's Fiery controller does not have port 9030 open.

Resolution: Open port 9030 on the Fiery. (This must be done on the MFP, not via the Web Interface). The menu options may vary by Fiery model or device.

  1. Open the Device Center
  2. Select Server Configuration
  3. Select Network
  4. Select Protocols
  5. Select TCP/IP
  6. Select Security

From this location you can edit, enable, and disable ports.

** Please note that not all Fiery devices allow for custom ports to be open. If you are unable to manually open a port within the Fiery configuration, please contact your Fiery supplier.