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Kofax MarkView 9.1 for Oracle Release Notes


This article contains the Kofax MarkView 9.1 for Oracle E-Business Suite Release Notes document. 13613

Kofax MarkView 9.1 for Oracle

In addition to following the steps in the 9.1.1 Release Note, the below step also needs to be completed for Reintegrating _CUSTOM Packages:
Reintegrating _CUSTOM Packages

There are some changes to the _CUSTOM packages.

If you have not customized your _CUSTOM packages, compile these packages to upgrade them to the current versions.

Compile these custom packages from the distribution directory (/modules/erp-integration-dist-9.1.1/erpintegration- db/schema/custom_package_bodies/custom_package_bodies_private/):

  • @mverp_dfm_custom_pb.sql

If you have customized your _CUSTOM packages, modify and compile your packages before you can test other aspects of the system such as entering invoices into the system, and displaying and marking up these invoices.

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