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MarkView 7.0.0 Release Notes


The software and documentation is available from the Kofax Fulfillment Site located at A representative from your company registers on this site to download the software and documentation.

If you are an existing customer, contact your Kofax Practice Manager to discuss and plan for your upgrade. New customers receive email from Sales after completing their agreement with Kofax. The email will contain a serial number to use when registering on the fulfillment site. Registration provides customers with the credentials needed to download the software.

To access the software for this release:

  1. Log in to the Kofax Fulfillment Site (

  2. From the Your Software list, select Kofax MarkView. Under Product Downloads, locate the version 7.0.0 release (shown below) you need.

    Kofax MarkView 7.0.0 With AP Advisor for Oracle
    Kofax MarkView 7.0.0 With AP Advisor for SAP

  3. The available packages include all of the software, documentation, and license keys for the release.


New Viewer

Version 7.0 delivers our brand-new Adobe Flash-based viewer. We designed the interface to place all of the information needed to complete invoice processing right at the user’s fingertips. The viewer, intended for use by all MarkView users, combines the one-stop-shopping benefits of the Express Viewer with the rich interactive capabilities and high-throughput performance of the Enterprise Viewer.

The interface presents invoice details, history, and context-sensitive workflow actions with helpful messaging to enable processors to understand immediately what needs to be done for each invoice.
Fast image manipulation and efficient interaction during entry ensure the best user experience possible. Enhanced performance further increases the efficiency of invoice processing and throughput.
The viewer supports all document interactions possible with previous viewers–from workflow processing, highlights and redaction, arrows, to adding comments and text. The viewer only requires the aforementioned Flash player installed on client desktops, which keeps the IT support requirements and maintenance to a minimum.

Company Code/Organization Configuration and Setup
MarkView 7.0 gives you an easy way to set up and manage organizations or company codes. MarkView Administrators can define a Global configuration and then define only those workflow settings that differ between organizations or company codes, providing the ability to roll out a new configuration or modify an existing one very quickly.

In addition, different company codes or organizations can take advantage of different business controls without the need to engage Kofax Professional Services. For example, within a single client installation, your team can configure MarkView to enable High Dollar Review and Segregation of Duties Business Controls for one organization, while not enabling them in another. In this scenario, MarkView provides cross-organization processors with a context-sensitive environment that is aware of the organization for which invoices are being processed at that point in time. This eliminates the need to keep track of complex business processes that are specific to an organization or company code outside of MarkView.

Automated User Setup and Synchronization (AUSS)
AUSS now provides a separate Administration Console that serves as the single point of administration for automated user management. Administrators select the ERP (Oracle or SAP) and Active Directory as their Source Systems. They then map their ERP and Active Directory community profiles to easy-to-understand MarkView profiles that represent workflow responsibilities. From the console, you can run user synchronization on-demand or schedule synchronization to run at regular intervals, without the need to leverage DBA or IT resources. For advanced MarkView configurations, the console supports the creation and rollout of new MarkView profiles, which allow you to tailor user management to your business needs.

Enhanced Tax and Freight Processing
The MarkView 7.0 release includes optional workflow steps for Tax Review and Freight Review. These new steps allow for targeted routing to the correct business community to ensure that invoices conform to tax and freight requirements. For clients utilizing Transformation, MarkView 7.0 enhanced the intelligent recognition of tax and freight lines during the transformation process. The enhancements include the ability to capture invoice line information for lines not matched to a purchase order. This greatly increases the ability for MarkView to recognize complete invoice data, allowing invoices to be automatically processed into the ERP system and routed for review and approval without AP intervention.

Resolved Issues

The following resolved issues and customer requests are included in MarkView 7.0.

MarkView Accounts Payable

MarkView AP General AP
The MarkView installer fails with the following error: SeedDataUpdate Data Seed Task Failed.

MarkView AP General AP
Provide support for IBM AIX 6.1 operating system.

MarkView AP General AP
Provide support of Blanket Purchase Releases in PO Line Details, PO Related Documents for Oracle 7.0

MV Connector OCR Invoice
The Tax Amount is not passed through from KC/KTM.

ERP Integration

MarkView Core ERP Integration SAP
ABAP short dumps return the following error: The CALL_FUNCTION_REMOTE_ERROR.

MarkView Core ERP Integration SAP
SAP Console is very slow starting the transaction as well as confirming an attachment.

MV Core ERP Integration SAP
Users are unable to post in FB60 after installing MarkView; they can only post from the console.

MarkView Installer

MarkView Core Installer
Upgrade to 6.4 oracle integ apps 1001 update file name.sql fails, returning ORA 01422: exact fetch returns more.

MarkView Core Installer
Multiple MarkView Home log in screens appear when users start MarkView.

MarkView Core – Installer
Running 6.4 Verify in silent mode produces an error and fails.

User Management

MarkView Core User Management
AUSS is not restricted to admin users.

MarkView Viewer

MarkView Core Viewer Express
Allow users to save their image rotation after modifying it in the Express viewer.

MarkView Core Viewer Express
Allow users to print full, natural image with no margins from Express Viewer.