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DOC - Administering the MarkView System 5.5



Please find the following attached document:

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Administering the MarkView System SystemAdministratorsGuide5.5.1Oracle.pdf 07-18-08


In the Multi-Organization Support section in Chapter 5 (Using Kofax Business Module Administration), the first step states that a new Instance/Schema must be added. However this is only required if the new Org needs to be accessed across a datase link because it uses a different database than the current one. This step is rarely, if ever, needed.

The following preference information for the MarkView 5.10.x release is missing from the guide:


By default, hold reasons on an invoice are processed in the order identified in PO Block Definition Business Module Administration. If the same hold reason is identified on two different lines on the same invoice, this preference determines which line to process first.

Setting the value to MAX_DIST_LINE_AMT changes the hold resolution order to resolve the lines that are blocked because of quantity issues first. Lines with quantity issues are resolved in sequence.


  • MAX_DIST_LINE_AMT (default)

Page 135:
This page refers to "MarkView Process Reports." The MarkView Process Reports were replaced with "Interactive Queries."

Page 333 says:
"The system level default for this preference is MVAS_DTM_1."

Actually, the system level default is MVAS_DTM.

New version to address defect #29015.

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