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MarkView for Oracle Version 5.10.X Supported Platform Matrix



The attached file contains the supported MarkView and third party component versions for use with MarkView for Oracle version 5.10

Please note the following distinctions in the matrix regarding platform support priorities:

Tier 1

A Tier 1 platform version (denoted in the matrix with bold font, and shaded boxes) is a platform that receives testing and certification priority from Kofax for new releases. Future releases of MarkView will generally support Tier 1 platforms upon release.

Tier 2

A Tier 2 platform version (with no shading) is a version that may not be supported as part of the initial release of new versions of MarkView. Support for Tier 2 platforms may be delayed for several weeks or months beyond the initial MarkView release.

Terminal Release

Some platforms in the matrix are denoted with italics, which indicates that this MarkView release will be the Terminal Release for that platform version. Future releases of MarkView will not support this platform version.

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