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MarkView - Technical Support Process - Consulting Services Referral

Consulting Services Referral

Only Technical Support Management can authorize referral to Consulting Services.

An incident will be referred to Consulting Services when the Technical Support Management determines that the problem is out of scope of Product Support - such as:

1) When the problem is related to a customization.

2) The problem requires work of a consulting services nature, such as a dedicated project.

3) Consulting Services is already engaged in an implementation project for the reported issue.

NOTE: There may be occasions where problems are reported with customizations that have been implemented by the Kofax.  Technical Support is still obligated to perform appropriate due diligence on these issues, to confirm that the problem is indeed due to a customization.  If the resolution to the problem is not clear following appropriate due diligence, these incidents may need to be referred to the Professional Services group to be addressed.


If referring to Consulting, then the following steps must be taken:

1. Compose an incident summary, per the standard for Incident Rounds.

2. Review with a Senior Support Analyst or Technical Support Management to ensure incident is appropriate for PS referral.

3. Update the incident with a Customer Response regarding the involvement of Consulting Services.

4. Send Customer Response and set Status to Unresolved

5. Assign to Support Manager or other covering Technical Support Management

6. Technical Support Management will email the Practice Manager, notifying them of the referral, and copying the email and any responses as internal notes to the incident.

7.  Technical Support Management adds the Practice Manager and Tech Support Manager to the Case Team, so that both receive email notifications for any updates from the customer.

8.  When Consulting Services confirms receipt of the issue, Technical Support Management will close the incident, notifying the customer that all communication will be directly with the consulting team.

Technical Support Process Manual



Author:  Shawn Abedi

Created On: 7/31/2019

Based on original CRM article 4580