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MarkView 10.1 Capture and Output Components on Windows Server 2019


Question / Problem: 

Is it possible to run MarkView 10.1 Capture & Output Components on a Windows Server 2019 operating system?

Answer / Solution: 


While Windows Server 2019 is a supported operating system for the MarkView Application Server, it is not a documented supported platform for the MarkView 10.1 Capture & Output Components (see MarkView 10.1 Tech Spec).

However, you may review the following options should you wish to proceed with such a configuration:

  1. Use the out of the box 32 bit ODAC on Windows 2019.
    • Some customers have such a configuration in place and functioning without issue
    • Kofax R&D has tested this scenario and found no issues.
    • However - this approach does rely on non-Windows 2019 certified components from Oracle - which could be an issue if Oracle support was needed at some point, though both Kofax R&D assess this risk as low.


  1. Utilize the Oracle DB Client 19c 32 bit
    • As Oracle are apparently not going to certify ODBC 32 bit on Windows 2019, they instead suggest installing Oracle DB Client 19c 32 bit.
    • This would involve some manual installation of Oracle components
    • The Kofax R&D team is currently investigating to see if this configuration would work, and the ETA for completion of the testing is November 2020.
    • If it does work, this is an Oracle supported configuration which could be used should an issue occur with option 1
    • This approach would require the installation of Oracle DB Client 19c 32 bit on all machines with C&O components, such as scanning workstations and KTM validation machines.
    • The only added benefit to this approach over option 1, is that this configuration will be Oracle-certified.
    • If testing is successful, the Kofax R&D team will provide documented steps for this option, so they can be available should it ever been needed in order to get Oracle support.


  1. Migration of the MarkView C&O components to 64 bit
    • The longer term plan will be for Kofax R&D will investigate migrating C&O to 64 bits, but this may require significant development and testing, since this .NET code (which should be easy to migrate to 64 bit) also interfaces with VB and COM components.
    • This may cause issues with 32-to-64 bits compatibility. Therefore we cannot be certain to include such a solution into the MarkView 10.2.
    • A preliminary ETA for this effort is End of 2020 – but this is just an estimate, rather than a committed date.

Please continue to review the MarkView 10.1 Tech Spec and subscribe to the MarkView RSS feed to get updated on any MarkView releases.

Applies to:  

Product Version
MarkView 10.1 (Capture & Output Components) 10.1