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MarkView 9.1 Installer - Capture and Output components error when upgrading



Applies To

MarkView Version: 9.0


  • When upgrading to MarkView 9.1 from 9.0 and running the Capture and Output installer you receive the following error message
    "Another version of this product is already installed."


  • If you encounter this error you will need to uninstall the Capture and Output Components from the Program and Features (Add/Remove Programs) control Panel, prior to running the installer again. You will want to ensure that you remove all of the products that you are installing including:
    • MarkView Fax
    • MarkView Import Server
    • MarkView Data Export Server
    • MarkView Mail Gateway
    • MarkView Barcode Server.
  • Once you have uninstalled these components from the system, please restart the windows server. You can now install the individual components that you need by running the individual component installers found in the directories below:
    • MarkView Fax (KofaxMarkView-9.1.0_Capture_Output\modules\fax-server-dist-9.1.0\mvfaxservice\installer\MVFaxService.Installer.msi)
    • MarkView Import Server ( KofaxMarkView-9.1.0_Capture_Output\modules\import-server-dist-9.1.0\mvimport\installer\MVImport.Installer.msi)
    • MarkView Data Export Server ( KofaxMarkView-9.1.0_Capture_Output\modules\data-export-server-dist-9.1.0\dataexport\installer\MVDataExport.Installer.msi)
    • MarkView Mail Gateway (KofaxMarkView-9.1.0_Capture_Output\modules\document-server-windows-dist-9.1.0\sfmailsvc\installer\sfMailService.Installer.msi)
    • MarkView Barcode Server (KofaxMarkView-9.1.0_Capture_Output\modules\document-server-windows-dist- 9.1.0\mvbarcodesvc\installer\MVBarcodeServer.Installer.msi)
  • If you are going to be doing this installation on another environment (one that you have not yet received this error, once you have uninstalled these components from the system you can simply re-run the MarkView Capture and Output installer to install the 9.1 version of the capture and output components.

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