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MarkView Advisor - the following Advisor Roles are not created during installation: Advisor Administrator, Finance Manager and Reports User.


Applies To

  • ERP System: All
  • MarkView Version:  9.0 and earlier


  • Advisor fails to create its roles after installation:
MVUM_ROLE and MVUM_USER_ASSIGNMENT not seeded after installing Advisor.
  • Unable to grant Advisor Roles to any users within Advisor:
Advisor > Configuring > Role Management, Advisor returns an error that says "You do not have the necessary authorization to perform this action. Contact your system administrator".

Known Causes

  • The Advisor OC4Js (in OAS) or Deployment (in Weblogic) has not been started up in the Application Server. 
  • Please note these roles are not created as part of the installation; the Roles are created when the Advisor OC4Js (OAS) or Deployments (Weblogic) are started for first time; therefore you should start up Advisor in your Application Server before considering the installation completed.


  • Start-up Advisor in your Application Server.
  • Confirm the default Advisor roles are populated after starting up Advisor in the Application Server.; which include Advisor Administrator, Finance Manager, and Reports User.
  • The MarkView Administrator (ADMIN) must assign an employee to the group of ADVISOR ADMINISTRATOR in MarkView. The employee must be a member of the MarkView group before having access to the Advisor role management or configuration windows. of the

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