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MarkView Advisor - An unrecoverable error occurred while processing your login- error appears while accessing Advisor menus


What is causing this to occur? 4649

Applies To

  • ERP System : Oracle, SAP
  • MarkView Version: 6.2 to 9.0


  • When selecting an Advisor menu item from within MarkView Home, you may receive the following error:
"An unrecoverable error occurred while processing your login. Contact your system administrator."


  • This error may occur if the Frameworks module on the Application Server is not running. The user management application that runs within the Frameworks module is responsible for processing the user authentication and needs to be running in order for user logon authentication to work successfully.
    • In order to address this behavior, check to ensure that the Frameworks deployment is running on the Application Server.
      This can be done by following the middle-tier specific steps listed below:
      • Oracle Application Server (OAS) / OC4J
        • Log into Oracle Application Server Control (Enterprise Manager) as the OC4JADMIN user.
        • Click on the OC4J instance where Advisor is installed to view the Applications running under the OC4J Instance.
        • Ensure that the Frameworks deployment is running (up green arrow). If it is not (down red arrow), select the checkbox next to Frameworks and click on the Start button.
      • WebLogic
        1. Log into WebLogic Console
        2. Click on the 'Deployments' link from the left hand menu
        3. If the 'frameworks' deployment is not in an 'Active' state, restart the 'frameworks' deployment
  • In MarkView 6.4 and below a corrupted mvum_session table may result in this error occurring.
    • Run the following query:
      • select * from mvum_session_summary where TO_TIMESTAMP=(select max(TO_TIMESTAMP) from mvum_session_summary);
    • If the above query returns two records delete one of them directly from the table and restart MarkView Advisor.

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