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MarkView Advisor - Enable Single Sign-On (SSO) with MarkView Advisor



Applies To

  • ERP System: All
  • MarkView Version: MarkView 9.0 and Below


  • After upgrading or installing MarkView Advisor, Single Sign-On is working with other MarkView components however end users are get prompted to logon again from MarkView Advisor, or get redirected to the SSO redirect page when accessing a MarkView Advisor link.
  • Please note that this answer assumes that SSO has been previously configured in your environment by Kofax MarkView Consulting Services as referenced in MarkView All Components - Single Sign On ( SSO ) for MarkView
  • MarkView 9.1 uses Kofax Analytics for MarkView.

Known Causes

  • This issue can occur as a result of missing configuration options.


  • Set the MV_ENABLE_SINGLE_SIGN_ON preference to TRUE at the System Level
  • In order for authentication to work correctly, the end user's password must be passed out of the MVW_AUTHENTICATE_CUSTOM.GetSSOUserID procedure. If you are using MarkView Authentication the following code can be added to the MVW_AUTHENTICATE_CUSTOM.GetSSOUserID procedure if the password is not already being derived.
    • Add the following line of code to the declaration section of the procedure:
      • 1​​​​​​_sec_auth_type mv_preference_definition.default_value%type;
    • Add the following code at the end of the procedure:
      Mv_Preference_Util.GetPreference(PreferenceName => 'WEBCLNT_SEC_AUTH_TYPE',
      UserID => UserID,
      PreferenceValue => l_sec_auth_type);
      if l_sec_auth_type = 'MV' then
      Password := mv_trusted.userpassword(userid => UserID);
      end if;
Note: The behavior of end users getting prompted to logon again from MarkView Advisor can also occur even after following the steps in the resolution if SSO integration is based on cookies and the cookie name is MarkViewCookie.
This is because the cookie name is already used by the product. To get around the issue, rename the cookie used to pass in the username.

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