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MarkView Advisor - 'Error while running cold sync extract' when exporting data from the ERP system.



Applies To

  • ERP System: Oracle, SAP
  • MarkView Version: 6.x to 9.0


  • When running Advisor Cold-Sync Export, the following error message may appear in the log file, and the data from the ERP system is not extracted:
2009-08-26 09:49:54,298 ERROR analytics.coldsync.ColdSyncExtractor Error while running cold sync extract [main]
org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean with name 'coldSyncExtractor' defined in
class path resource [cold-sync.xml PropertyAccessException 1: org.springframework.beans.MethodInvocationException:
Property 'dataSource' threw exception; nested exception is com.markview.

Known Causes

  • This error can occur in cases where the password for the ERP system has been entered incorrectly.


  • Ensure the ERP system password is correct and re-run Cold-Sync Export.

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