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MarkView Advisor - Load balancing on an OAS cluster with more than 1 node - MarkView Advisor restrictions



Applies To

  • ERP System: Oracle, SAP
  • MarkView Version: 9.0 and Below with Advisor Installed.


  • I want to set up Load Balancing with an OAS cluster in an environment with Advisor installed and need more information of the restrictions

Known Causes

  • While every customer may configure a clustered environment based on their needs, there are some considerations with regard to MarkView Advisor that need to be understood.


  • Please review the following steps to configure load balancing within an OAS environment that uses Advisor
    1. Before beginning the installation, ensure that clustering has been correctly configured and all nodes are aware of each other. Correct cluster configuration can be verified by executing the following OAS command on each node within the cluster:
      opmnctl @cluster status
      Execution of the above command will detail the status of each node within the cluster. By executing this command on each node, you can verify that each node within the cluster has visibility to every other node within the cluster. For example, if there are 2 nodes in the cluster, execution of this command on both nodes will provide the status of each of the nodes in the cluster (itself and the other node).
      Do not proceed until each node in the cluster has been properly configured to show the status of all other nodes in the cluster.
    2. All pre-installation steps must be performed on all nodes in the cluster. The creation of users is the only exception to this requirement, which must only be performed on the primary node in the cluster.
    3. The OC4J group names used to deploy MarkView and MarkView Advisor must have the same names on all nodes in the cluster.
    4. Execute a full installation on only one of the nodes in the cluster. This node will be known as the primary node in the cluster.
    5. For all remaining nodes in the cluster, execute a partial installation only. The partial installation must not include Advisor as Advisor can only be installed on the primary node in a cluster. Configure each of the partial installation nodes to connect to the primary node’s database.
    6. If you are planning to configure multiple JVMs, please refer to Article 2107.
    7. If you are using a different type of clustering instead of, or in addition to, OAS clustering, additional setup may be required. For example, the item_value column of mvt_mvhome_menu_item_tab table may need to change for some entries that contain addresses of the application server. These changes will need to be handled on a case by case basis.

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