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MarkView All Components -Troubleshooting tips for the Fax Server; Import Server; Export Server and Barcode Server (MarkView 5.10 and above).



Applies To

  • ERP System: All
  • MarkView Version: 5.x, 6.x


What should I check if my Fax Server, Import Server, Export Server or Barcode Server is not working properly and what information should I gather?

Known Causes



  • In all cases the best first step is to get the Event Viewer Logs (5.5 and above). These logs will often contain multiple error messages that may help your determine why the you are having the error in question.
  • If you are having problems with your Fax Server Please review the following Items to check:
    • What user is the service running as? By default many times the service will be running as the Local System.
      • It is recommended that the services be run as a Domain Administrator or another user that has full access to all network resources.
      • Check the configuration of each of the services by first stopping them and then opening the configuration utility for each of the services
        • Confirm that clicking the "Test DB" button works (where applicable)
        • Confirm that the Fax In and Out Directories are configured and match the Import and Export Server settings.
        • Confirm that the MarkView username and password are correct and able to access the files and directories that you are trying to view.
      • Check to see that you can directly access the file from the server using the URL that is in the log file while logged in as the user that the service is running as.
      • Using the Support Tools check to see the status of the Fax Requests.
      • Clear out any files in the user's temporary directory. When there is a large number of temporary files you may start to see errors such as "File already exists".

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