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MarkView Fax Returns Error:-153 The connect to the port was unsuccessful.



Applies To

  • MarkView Version: All Version using MarkView Fax.


  • The following error message is recived when starting Fax Server
    "Error:-153 The connect to the port was unsuccessful"


  • This error message indicates that the drivers or firmware for the Brooktrout Fax Card was not loaded properly. Please follow the steps below to reload the firmware for the Fax Bo
    1. Launch the Brooktrout Configuration Tool
    2. Select Advanced Mode
    3. Confirm that there is one module listed under the "Call Control Parameters" for each TR-1034 Fax Board you have in your system.
    4. If your board is listed click the "Apply" and then the "Save" button.
    5. If you receive an error stating that the incorrect driver version was loaded, this indicates that there is more than one Brooktrout Configuration Tool installed on the system. Ple

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