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MarkView Fax Server - Brooktrout No Loop Current Error (BChannel1).



Applies To

  • ERP System: Oracle, SAP, Peoplesoft
  • MarkView Version: All Version of MarkView Fax.


  • When performing an outbound fax, I recieve the following error: Brooktrout No Loop Current Error (BChannel1). What does this error mean?

Known Causes

  • The Brooktrout No Loop error that you are seeing typically means that there is no dial tone detected when the Fax Server tries to dial. This could be caused by a dead phone line, the phone line being configured incorrectly, etc., usually related to a telecom issue.


To further diagnose this behavior, you can try a few of the normal troubleshooting steps that would be done for typical telecom issues, listed here below:

  1. Can you plug a phone line in and ensure that you receive a dial tone?
  2. Can you successfully dial an external/internal number from that phone line you just plugged in?
  3. Assuming there are more than one dedicated phone line that is connected within the hunt group, can you try and disable Line 1 for outbound and use Line 2 and see if that succeeds? This can be configured within the MarkView Fax Preferences by configuring each line separately and deciding whether or not to use that line for inbound/outbound faxing.Steps to take to resolve the issue.

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