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MarkView Fax Server - Enabling debug logging for Brooktrout TR1034 Fax Boards



How do you supply Brooktrout debugging information when MarkView Fax Server relies on Brooktrout TR1034 fax boards?

Note: These log files grow very quickly. If you are able to reproduce the error in question you should enable debugging, reproduce the error, and then disable debugging. If the error is not easily reproducible, you should monitor the file sizes to insure that they do not get too large to transfer. 10MB is a good limit to shoot for. If the files get too large, stop MarkView Fax Server and rename the files before restarting.

To enable Brooktrout debugging, take the following steps:

  1. Stop MarkView Fax Server.
  2. In windows explorer, change directory to the following folder (or the nondefault directory in which you installed MarkView Fax Server):
    e.g. C:\Program Files\Kofax MarkView\MarkView Fax Server
  3. Right Click on configtool.exe and 'Create Shortcut'.
  4. Right Click on the shortcut and choose Properties.? Edit the Target and add -a to the end of the target (after any quote marks).
  5. Doubleclick on the shortcut, do the following:
    • Set API Debugging to Enabled.
    • Set the 1st Debug Log File Name: to c:\faxdebug1.log (or another filename of your choice)
    • Set the 2nd Debug Log File Name: to c:\faxdebug2.log (or another filename of your choice)
    • Set the Maximim log FileSize to 1000000000
    • Set the Trace Bfv API Function Calls option to Enabled.
    • Press the Apply button.
    • Do not exit the Config Tool
  1. Start and Activate MarkView Fax Server.
  2. Reproduce the error.
  3. Deactivate and Exit MarkView Fax
  4. Switch to Config Tool
    • Set API Debugging to Disabled.
    • Press the Apply button.
  1. Start and Activate MarkView Fax
  2. Provide the log file for analysis

Keywords: bfvapi