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MarkView Fax Server - Inbound faxing using voice-over IP or multi-function devices



Applies To

  • ERP System: ( Oracle, SAP, Peoplesoft)
  • MarkView Version: (All Versions.)


  • Users report failures when trying to fax into MarkView using voice over IP ( VOIP ) and/or a multi-function device, causing them to have to try sending the fax multiple t

Known Causes

  • This is an issue with having the Multi-function device set to V34
  • In some cases, customers may encounter errors and/or inconsistent results when faxing into MarkView over a VOIP line with a multi-function device (MFD) due to limitations of the VOIP service and the settings of the MFD.
  • Some customers have reported that some VOIP providers indicate the fastest their system will fax large documents is V.17 (14400) and faxing will not work when set to V.34 (33600).


  • Change the multi-function device's setting from V.34 (33600) to V.17.

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