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MarkView File Capture - -CJK fonts need to be installed.- message appears when viewing images processed through MarkView File Capture



Applies To

  • ERP System : Oracle, SAP
  • MarkView Version (Oracle): MarkView 5.0 to 5.10.x,
  • MarkView 6.2 and higher MarkVIew Version (SAP): MarkView 6.1 and higher


When emailing PDF files that contain Chinese, Japanese, or Korean language characters, the file is not processed by MarkView File Capture and the following error appears in the mvfilecapture.log file.

Not a PDF: Missing PDF Header

Known Causes

PDF documents containing Chinese, Japanese, or Korean characters will not be processed by MarkView File Capture out of the box. There are additional fonts that are required within the File Capture install directory in order to provide this functionality.


If you add the cjkfonts.jar file to your CLASSPATH, this should resolve the issue encountered with the PDFs containing Asian fonts. To add the .jar file to the CLASSPATH:

  1. Copy cjkfonts.jar to the same directory as the filecapture-activation.jar
  2. Bounce the MarkView Application Server (OAS)

If you have purchased the FileCapture you will see the download link here.


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