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MarkView File Capture - How to I create a Cover Page Class for the -UNCATEGORIZED DOCUMENT- Document Type?



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  • ERP System: All
  • MarkView Version: All


How to I create a Cover Page Class for the "UNCATEGORIZED DOCUMENT" Document Type?

The "UNCATEGORIZED DOCUMENT" Document Type is a common configuration used with MarkView File Capture.

Known Causes



  • The System Administrator's Guide document ( ) indicates the Servlet Address must be of the form:
    • In some installations of MarkView the Document Cover Page Class for an Uncategorized Document does not exist.
      To create a Cover Page Class for the Uncategorized Document please take the following steps:
      1. The Steps below detail creating the Cover Page Class:
        1. Go to MarkView Home -->Module Administration -->Cover Page Class
        2. Click on the Insert Button
        3. Select "Uncategorized Document" for the Document type and then 'Y' for Keep, and Move
      2. If "Uncategorized Document" does not appear in the Document Type LOV
        • You will need to follow these manual steps:
          1. Using SQL*Plus, log into the MarkView schema owner account.
          2. Run the following SQL:
            insert into mvt_cover_page_class (
            cover_page_class_id, document_type_id, keep_cover_page, move_cover_page)
            select mvt_cover_page_class_id_seq.nextval, document_type_id,
            'Y', 'N'
            from mv_document_type
            where document_type_name = 'UNCATEGORIZED DOCUMENT';
  1. After adding the Cover Page Class using either method above, you will need to generate a barcode cover page for an "Uncategorized Document" prior to selecting it in the File Capture Setup.

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