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MarkView SAP Integration - Count of items in Working Folder is invalid; -no items pending- appears in Working Folder that does have items; Error 105 on attempting to open image



Applies To

  • ERP System: ( SAP )
  • MarkView Version: (All SAP Versions.)


  • Several odd behaviors are observed in Working Folder:
    1. When clicking Refresh, the number of items in the list alternates between two different values, even though the actual number that should be listed does not change.
    2. A "no items pending" message appears in the status bar even though items clearly are pending
    3. When attempting to launch an image an "Error 105" message is returned and the image is not displayed

Known Causes

  • This behavior will occur if more than one MarkView environment is integrated to the SAP environment. For example, this can happen if a migration is done from a Production environment to a Non-Production environment. If the RFC and BAPI connections are not changed in the Non-Production environment after the database is cloned, that Non-Production environment will still be partially integrated with SAP.


To resolve this, do the following in each MarkView environment:

  • Open MarkView Home
  • Select Administration->Module Admin
  • Choose the Gateway Admin tab.
  • Click the Configure BAPI Connections link and review the connections to make sure that they are pointing to the correct BAPI for the environment
  • Click the Configure RFC Connections link and review the connections to make sure that they are pointing to the correct RFC settings for the environment

Once the incorrect connection configuration has been identified, the MarkView OC4Js should be shutdown in that environment and the BAPI/RFC parameters should be corrected. MarkView should then be restarted and testing should be done to verify that the Working Folder is now functioning correctly.

Keywords: SAP, Working Folder