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MarkView SAP Integration - Generating a trace file for analysis of a performance issue in MarkView for SAP



Applies To

  • ERP System: ( SAP)
  • MarkView Version: (All SAP Versions.)


  • The MarkView Console is performing slowly.
    How can I generate a trace file for analysis of this performance issue?


To generate a trace file in SAP:

  1. Go to Transaction code ST05.
  2. Check (select) the SQL Trace and RFC Trace boxes.
  3. Select Activate Trace to turn tracing on for the current user. Alternatively, Activate Trace with Filter to turn tracing on for a specific user.
  4. Reproduce the MarkView Console issue as the user being traced.
  5. Return to transaction code ST05.
  6. Select Deactivate Trace, then Display Trace.
  7. Trace will show all SQL executed by the Console, with poor performing queries highlighted in RED.
  8. Trace will show all MarkView RFC calls executed by the Console (in grey), with poor performing RFC calls highlighted in RED.
    If you are logging a performance issue related to MarkView for SAP, please provide a trace file related to a reproduction case when opening the incident.

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