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MarkView for SAP - Troubleshooting JCO 3.0.5 issues during Installation and Upgrade



Applies To

  • ERP System: SAP JCO 3.0.5
  • MarkView Versions: MarkView 6.5 and higher


If you encounter any of the following issues while installing or upgrading MarkView on an SAP environment that uses JCO 3.0.5, try the work-around solutions described next.

Troubleshooting Steps

JCO fails verification -- Security Update for Microsoft Windows 2008

The following applies to systems using a Microsoft Windows 2008 Server and either an Oracle Applications Server (OAS) or a WebLogic Application Server. If JCO fails after you restart the OAS and issue a java -jar sapjco3.jar command to verify JCO:

  1. Locate and install Microsoft security update/patch MS09-035 (also known as KB973544).
  2. Reboot the server.

MarkView installation/upgrade fails -- Making the sapjco.dll File Available

The following applies to systems using a Microsoft Windows 2008 Server and an Oracle Applications Server (OAS).
If an attempt to install MarkView fails because JCO was unable to execute properly:

  1. Copy the sapjco3.dll file to the following OAS directory:
  2. Restart the service.
Note: Keep the sapjco3.dll file in both locations: the directory defined in the PATH environment variable and the <OAS-TOP-DIRECTORY>\opmn\lib directory.

MarkView Gateway cannot connect to SAP -- SAP Gateway Services File Setup

The following only applies if you did not install the SAP GUI client on the host system.
If the MarkView Gateway cannot connect to SAP, which can appear as an error message stating that the username/password is incorrect or that the URL is wrong:

  1. Locate the etc/services file, which is in the same directory as the hosts file.
  2. Add the following lines:
    sapdp00 3200/tcp
    sapgw00 3300/tcp
Note: the lines that need to be added all need to end in a carriage return, including the last line in the file

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