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MarkView Scan - Error 20397 when attempting to change to Duplex mode for Kodak i280 scanner



Applies To

  • ERP System: All
  • MarkView Version: 6.4 and earlier


  • When MarkView Scan settings are changed from single-sided to duplex for a Kodak i260 or i280 scanner, the system displays the following error:
    MarkView Scan
    20397 : Error 20397 occurred while scanning

Known Causes

  • The 20397 error is defined as follows:

    "Duplex scanning is not supported on the flatbed scanner. Check the KScan ScanDuplexCap property before setting ScanDuplex. Change to single-image mode or use a different scanner."
  • In brief, the Kodak i260 and i280 scanners have flatbed attachments that attach to the front of the scanner. When the source is configured for the use of the flatbed attachment, you might see this error.


  • Since Duplex mode can't be used with the flatbed source setting, you must change the source setting using the following steps:
    1. Launch MarkView Scan
    2. Logon
    3. Select the Scan menu
    4. Choose Scanner setup
    5. Change the source to ADF
  • You should now be able to choose Duplex and save the setting.You can also verify the settings by opening the markview.ini file and examining the ScanSource setting.
    The setting has the following meanings:
    • ScanSource=1 indicates the flatbed settings are being used.
    • ScanSource=2 indicates the ADF settings are being used.

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