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MarkView Scan - Error Saving Document - 12003



Applies To

  • ERP System: All
  • MarkView Version: 6.4 and earlier


  • An error 12003 occurs when running MarkView Scan.
  • The complete error text is similar to:
    Unable to open document.
    Error opening page 1 (ftp://<server>/<imaging>/././././) of Document 1.
    FtpGetFile failed with code 12003.
    200 Type set to I
    200 PORT command successful
    550 /<imaging>/./././12345678.tif: No such file or directory.

Known Causes

  • There are network problems preventing MarkView Scan from uploading the document to the MarkView Document Server.


  • Check the network connectivity from the MarkView Scan station to the document server, via DOS ftp or similar.
  • Check the network settings for the MarkView Document Server network interface card (NIC) and the network switch, to ensure that they are set to the same speed and duplex mode.
  • NB: If you are able to save small scan batches, but you are unable to upload large scan batches, network delay could be a culprit. Try setting the NIC on the MarkView Document Server and the network switch to FULL DUPLEX mode.