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MarkView Scan - Kodak Scanners Firmware and Scan Validation Tool (SVT)



Applies To

  • ERP System: All
  • MarkView Version: All


  • Part of the troubleshooting process for image capture with a Kodak Scanner is to run the Kodak Scan Validation Tool (SVT) and test scanning.
  • If the SVT is unable to scan or has issues it is very unlikely that MarkView Scan or Kofax VCDemo will be able to scan or that the installation of either has caused a problem.
  • If you are unable to scan or are having issues scanning with the SVT you should acquire and update both the SVT and the Scanner Firmware
  • The following steps have been reported as resolving some upgrade issues.
    • Uninstall SVT
    • Shutdown PC and Scanner
    • Disconnect Scanner
    • Startup PC
    • Install SVT
    • Shut down PC
    • Reconnect Scanner
    • Install Firmware Update (instructions on Kodak firmware page)

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