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MarkView Scan - Scan station not categorizing bar codes; all documents are displaying as uncategorized.



Applies To

  • ERP System: All
  • MarkView Version: 6.4 and earlier


  • Markview Scan is not categorizing documents with document separator bar code cover pages although the scan station is not recognizing or categorizing the different document in the batch.

Known Causes

  • When using Markview Scan, if a user turns off or unchecks the setting to check for document seperators then the scan station does not look for bar code separator cover pages from within a batch.
  • If use document seperators is unchecked then users will be forced to manually categorize documents.


  • To located the document seperators preference in markview scan, open and have a user login to Markview scan and from within the scan menu make sure the use document seperators option is checked.
  • After selecting use document seperators Markview Scan should recognize bar code cover pages when the next batch is entered.
  • Not_working_MARKVIEW.INI
  • Working_MARKVIEW.INI

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