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MarkView Scan - This document type requires a cover page barcode



Applies To

  • MarkView Version: MarkView Scan (MarkView 6.4 and below).


  • While using MarkView Scan and attempting to accept a batch, I get a message : This document type requires a cover page barcode.


  1. Are you actually scanning with a cover page? Is the barcode on the cover page clear and readable by the scanner?
  2. Are you sure that all documents in the batch have been categorized by coverpages.
  3. Was the barcode coverpage generated on a different instance than the one you are attempting to scan into? Some configuations of MarkView Scan require instance specific cover pages to be used for scanning. If the value of the barcode on the coverpage does not exist on the BARCODE_STRING field of the MVT_COVER_PAGE_INSTANCE table in the instance you are scanning into, this may be the cause of the issue. If that is the case, you will need to generate the coverpage in the environment you are attempting to scan into, and use this newly generated coverpage instead of the one you are currently using.

Keywords: MarkView Scan, scan, bar code, coverpage, recognition, 128, 39, 3 of 9, MVT_COVER_PAGE, BARCODE_STRING