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MarkView Viewer Enterprise - Markups missing after document is saved



Applies To

  • ERP System: All
  • MarkView Version: 6.x


  • Markups appear to be missing from a document.

Known Causes

  • The behavior may be due to users placing Markups on a view which is not visible to the users (i.e. the Queue Status Markup view).
  • If the Queue Status Markup view is modifiable for a MarkView user group, the user may mistakenly place the Markup on the Queue Status Markups view. The Queue Status Markups functionality deletes all Markups placed on this view whenever a document changes queues or is viewed by another user


  • Use the attached script (Gather_view_type_group_auth.sql) to determine if a user has permissions to modify the Queue Status Markups view. The script will prompt for the Document Type and User Id of the end user who is placing the markups which are missing.
  • The results of the script will show which views the MarkView user group has access to modify. If the result of the script show the Queue Status Markups view has a value in the column MODIFY_YN of Y, end users can place markups on the Queue Status Markups view.
  • The MarkupInfo in the Workitem history displays the view on which each Markup is placed.
  • User group permissions for a view can be changed via MarkView Administration by taking the following steps:
    1. Open MarkView Admin.
    2. Select User Groups tab and filter on the MarkView user group which can modify the Queue Status Markups view.
    3. Select the details button of the MarkView user group
    4. Select the Document View Type Auths tab. This will list the document view types and if they are modifiable.
    5. Change the Queue Status Markup View for the document type, which can be modified, modify option from Y to N.
  • Kofax recommends that all system changes be applied in the customer's test environment and tested thoroughly before being migrated to a production environment. After making the change, please confirm end users are not able to add markups to the Queue Status Markup view in your test environment. Once this has been confirmed in the test environment, please implement this change into your production environment.

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