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MarkView Viewer Enterprise - Unable to simultaneously run two different versions of the Viewer Enterprise Edition on the same system during an upgrade.



Applies To

  • ERP System: ( Oracle, SAP, Peoplesoft)
  • MarkView Version: (6.5 and Below)


  • Once I upgrade my Non-Production Application Server with new versions of the Enterprise Edition Viewer, I am no longer able to successfully access images in Producti How do I get the mixed-version Enterprise Edition Viewers to work in both environments?

Known Causes

  • There is a different version of the viewer between environments. For example, your Production environment has applied the 5.10.5 patchset and that is the version of your Enterprise Edition Viewer jar files. Your clone this environment into Non-Production and upgrade Non-Production to the 5.10.8 patch level. In order for this dual configuration to work, you will need to have the 5.10.8 Enterprise Edition Jar files installed in a separate directory on the client machine from the 5.10.5 Jar files.


  • This can be resolved by modifying the Viewer Configuration File on the Application Server for the upgraded version.
    To do that, you would need to modify the 5.10.8 Middle Tier viewer configuration file to search for, create, and use that separate, non-default directory.
    The Middle Tier viewer configuration file for the target directory on the client machine is MVEEConfigData.xml, located here:

For pre-6.x environments:

  • 170installdir/j2ee/home/mvas/mvas/ee/MVEEConfigData.xml

For 6.x and higher environments:

  • $ORACLE_HOME/j2ee/<MarkView_Instance_Name>/applications/mvas/mvas/ee/MVEEConfigData.xml

If you look within this file, you will see the tag:

  • JarCacheLocation

The default value for this tag is:

  • c:/Program Files/Kofax MarkView/MarkView Viewer Enterprise Edition

By editing the name of the lowest directory level specified by this tag, you can set the directory to a new location, cache your 5.10.8 jar files there, and you should be able to toggle between the two environments.

The full details of the Enterprise Edition configuration, including information to help understand the viewer configuration file, etc., are included in the 'Understanding the Viewer Configuration File' section of the Administration Guide for the relevant version of the Product Documentation for your MarkView version:

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