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MarkView Viewer Enterprise - Unable to view MarkView document images using MarkView Enterprise Edition Viewer when FTP protocol utilized.



Applies To

  • ERP System: ( Oracle, SAP, Peoplesoft)
  • MarkView Version: (6.5 And Below)


  • When attempting to view a MarkView document image the MarkView Enterprise Edition log file reports the following error message.
    Caught exception path/to/document/server XXXXXX.tif in ImageReader(), retries=2

Known Causes

  • The error message 'Caught exception' is an indication the MarkView Enterprise Edition Viewer is unable to perform a GET command from the FTP site to view the document image.


  • To verify if the MarkView DTM is able to access the volume path, place the path (ftp://user_id:passwrd@machine_name/path/to/docserver) into a browser and confirm if an error message is displayed.

    If a 550 'No such file or directory' error message is displayed this indicates the home directory for the user_id specified in the volume path has not been set.

Keywords: ftp