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MarkView Express Viewer - Browser Window Default Size / Location


Why does my browser window open with a default size and location? 3793

By default, MarkView Viewer opens on the right-hand half of the screen.

This position allows users to access structured application data on the left half of the screen while viewing the document image on the right side which, presenting the document image as a full size US standard 8.5x11 page on a 21 inch monitor with 1600x1200 resolution.

In order to change the default size and placement of the MarkView Viewer browser window on a machine, simply click on the corner of the browser and drag the window to resize and move it. This behavior is standard browser behavior.

Note: Simply clicking the Maximize or Minimize button will not set the default browser size. Moreover, the MarkView Viewer will ignore settings of Maximize or Minimize, and will reset to its default of right-hand half of the screen.

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