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MarkView Viewer Express - Created or Last Modified Timestamp format incorrect when editing or viewing a Distribution line.



Applies To

  • ERP System: Oracle
  • MarkView Version: MarkView 5.5


  • When using the MarkView Distribution Form Markup (DFM) with MarkView Express, you may encounter an issue with the timestamp format. In particular, when editing or viewing a Distribution line, the timestamp format of the Created and Last Modified columns is wrong.


Kofax has created the following patches to correct this issue:

  • MarkView Content Server Patch
  • MarkView Express Patch

Prior to installing these patches you must also install the following two additional database patches:

  • MarkView for Oracle Applications Database Objects patch
  • MarkView for Oracle Applications Distribution Form Markup patch

To obtain a zip file with all of the required patches and the associated release notes and installation instructions, please contact Kofax Technical Support.

Note: The 5.10.1 patch set supersedes these patches. If you are running 5.10.1 or higher, you do not need to apply any patches.

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