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Planning to Install/Getting Started

After you have completed your purchase of SupplierExpress, please review the following to help make your implementation successful. If you would like to schedule an introductory meeting with Support in conjunction with obtaining and reviewing the documentation, the VPN configuration document, etc., please log a new case with Support. If someone in your organization needs an account, please click this link:

Download the technical specifications document (part of the MarkView 9.1+ documentation), or the CPCM (MarkView 9.0 or older) from the MarkView Quick Links article to review and confirm you've met all hardware and software requirements for your MarkView & SupplierExpress environments. 


Tip: Search the document for 'SupplierExpress'

Download all product documentation from the MarkView Quick Links article, to review. The documentation set includes an Installation Worksheet that should be filled out by the appropriate person at your facility who will be installing the SupplierExpress Agent software. The Administrator's Guide contains the installation pre- requisites, installation instructions and post-installation requirements.

VPN Configuration:

  1. Download and complete the VPN document attached to this article. Have your network person/team complete the fields under the "Remote" column. ("Remote" being your site). We'll need to know the IP for each host machine you will be using (one for Production, one for non-Production). We'll also need the port numbers for each.
  2. Open a new case with Support to coordinate the configuration and testing of your VPN with Kofax SupplierExpress Support, our VPN tech, and your VPN tech. Attach your completed VPN document to that case and provide the contact information for your VPN tech. Once the tunnels have been set up on both sides, a call may be necessary to test and confirm traffic is being passed and that all is working by both sides. Once the VPN is configured and has been confirmed by Support to be functioning, you will be able to proceed with Agent installation.


Agent Software:

Download the Agent software from the Kofax eDelivery site. If you have problems accessing the eDelivery site, contact Support.

The Agent should be installed per the instructions in the Administrator's Guide providing all pre-requisites have been met per the Technical Specifications or CPCM.

Agent Service Packs & Fix Packs 

All fixes or service packs should be installed after installing the base Agent software. You can find more the per the Quick Links Article. Reference the section titled 'Patches, Updates and Fixes' and click the link SupplierExpress Hot Fixes, Service Packs and Fix Packs'.

Post-Installation Provisioning

After installation has completed successfully, and you have followed all documented steps in the Administration Guide for any post-installation steps, open a Case with Support using the Customer Portal to complete the provisioning process for your site (Non-Production or Production).

Site Maintenance & Scheduled Outages

Information regarding scheduled site outages and site maintenance can be accessed via SupplierExpress Notifications on the site. Scheduled SupplierExpress site maintenance is conducted as needed. Additionally, we may schedule on a monthly basis. Kofax also reserves each Sunday between 7:00 am-2:00 pm Eastern Time for product site maintenance.


SupplierExpress - What diagnostic steps should I follow and what information should I gather when there is an issue with SupplierExpress? 


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