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SupplierExpress : Troubleshooting Login Issues

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Buyer User Can't Login (MarkView Integration):

If you are a Buyer user and you can't login to SupplierExpress, you should confirm that you're using your MarkView login and password to login. Buyer users login to SupplierExpress using their MarkView login and password if your SupplierExpress installation was configured with MarkView, so if the problem continues, you should contact your MarkView Administrator. Buyer usernames and passwords are not managed by SupplierExpress.

If you have installed SupplierExpress as ERP integrated only (no MarkView), then Buyer users use an email address as their login.

Supplier / Vendor User Can't Login:

If a supplier / vendor user can't login, that user can click on the link "Forgot Your Password?" that is on the SupplierExpress site to reset their password. The user can then enter their User ID (their email address registered with SupplierExpress) and click Submit. SupplierExpress will send an email with further instructions once the address has been verified.


Buyers Who Are Testing and Need to Login as a Vendor / Supplier:

If you are trying to log on as a supplier / vendor for testing purposes, the process should work as follows:

A buyer user (someone logging into with their MarkView username/password if MarkView-integrated) would select a specific supplier / supplier site and would then invite you as that vendor by entering your name and email address ( in the Invitation page.

You should receive an email on your account ( inviting you to enroll with SupplierExpress. The email will include a link that you need to click to register and create a password / security question.

By clicking on the link in this invitation email, you will be directed to the Supplier Registration page. You will need to follow the instructions to create your password and security question. This password is your vendor user password. Upon completing this setup, you will now have access to SupplierExpress.

After completing the Supplier Registration in Step 3, you should now be able to log in to SupplierExpress as a supplier by accessing the link and logging in with your email address as the username and your vendor user password.

If you forget your vendor user password, the page has a link called "Forgot Your Password". If you click this link, you will be prompted to answer your email address and your security question. Upon successfully provided this information, you will be sent an email with your vendor password.

If you forgot for vendor user password and can't use the "Forgot Your Password" link because you forgot your security question, you click the "Having Trouble Logging In" link on the page. This will automatically help you to create an email to for further assistance.

Problem With Password Reset When Testing as Both Buyer and Supplier:

In some cases, users who are testing as both Buyer and Supplier / Vendor may experience problems with resetting passwords. Customers could experience problems when logged in as a Buyer user, then trying to login as a Supplier user on the same broswer without logging out of the browser. To fix the problem, be sure to log out of the browser completely when switching from Buyer to Supplier or Supplier to Buyer during testing.


Note: Be careful when testing as both Buyer and Supplier to not use the same email for your Buyer account and your Supplier account if you are in a configuration that is ERP-only (not MarkView integrated) because Buyer users use email for their login. We recommend reserving your company email for your Buyer account and using non-corporate email addresses for any testing work (such as a GMail or other third party email account).

Login Failed: You don't have sufficient MarkView privileges to access SupplierExpress:

With a MarkView integration with SupplierExpress, Buyer users login to SupplierExpress using MarkView credentials. Privileges in SupplierExpress are set on the MarkView User Group level.

This error can be raised if the SupplierExpress privileges are not active for the MarkView User Group to which the buyer user belongs.

If this error happens and you can't login to SupplierExpress, contact your SupplierExpress and/or MarkView Administrator to fix your privileges.

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